Reid Taylor

  • Reid Taylor
  • Instruments: Bass

  • Biography:

    Reid was born in Jacksonville, Florida in 1973. He started playing piano at the age of 7 and guitar two years later. His first band "The Malefactors" was formed in the third grade with his next door neighbor. Throughout middle school and high school he played trumpet and baritone, until turning to electric bass in 11th grade after hearing the Minutemen album, 'Double Nickels on the Dime'. It wasn't until late in high school that he started listening to Charles Mingus and Thelonious Monk. This eventually lead him to follow his new found inspiration in the contrabass.

    In 1994 at the age of 22, he was pursuing a history degree from American University in Washington D.C., and decided to take private bass lessons. Steve Novosel, a top flight bass player in D.C. was Reid's first teacher for the next two years. He frequented the

    local jam sessions and found himself sitting in along side the legendary Butch Warren, whom he studied with for years after. From the beginning, he pursued getting the real sound out of the bass and laying a firm foundation for the groove.

    In 1998, Reid moved to New York and attended the New School where he studied with the great Dennis Irwin. Since then, he has played with a wide variety of musicians ranging from bebop legend Cecil Payne to avant gardist Charles Gayle. He has appeared at some of the most prominent jazz clubs in New York such as Smalls and Sweet Rhythm, and plays weekly at the Fat Cat Jazz Club in the West Village. Reid is also involved in many projects outside jazz including the noise- improv unit Gunnar. In 2009 he recorded an album under the moniker 'Balk' where he played guitar and bass. He frequently plays around New York with this project.