Dwayne Clemons

  • Dwayne Clemons
  • Instruments: Trumpet

  • Biography:

    Dwayne Clemons was born in Los Angeles, California, July 3rd, 1963; but raised in Dallas,Texas, from infancy. He started playing trumpet at age 8. It was in Dallas where he started his musical apprenticeship under the the likes of, Red Garland, James Clay, Buster Smith, Marchel Ivery, Claude Johnson, et.al. Upon arriving to New York, from 1985, up until the early-ninties, Clemons furthered his apprenticeship with, Clarence"C"Sharpe, Barry Harris, Tommy Turrentine and many more. He also co-leads a quintet with Josh Benko and Sacha Perry, on various occasions. Works with Charles Davis in New York. Most recently, Dwayne has been teaming up with Amanda Sedgwick and Freddie Redd, touring with them in Sacndanavia and Copenhagen. Currently, Dwayne host a Monday night set with, Charles Davis, Richard Clements, Murray Wall and Taro Okomoto, at the 11th street bar, in Alphabet City. His influences ranges from Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker, Fats Navrro and Bud Powell to Coleman Hawkins, Lester Young, Don Byas, Freddie Webster, Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Fletcher Henderson, Louis Armsrong, Roy Eldridge, et. al. of the like.