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    dred grew up in st. louis, went to college in ohio, but the san francisco bay area will always be home. in the 10 years he lived there, he gained a reputation as an innovative and eclectic pianist and multi-instrumentalist.  he has recorded 10 self-produced cd’s as a leader and has performed on over 40 others and was co-founder of the ground breaking hip-hop jazz group, alphabet soup.  he has also recorded with anthony braxton, cecil mcbee, andrew cyrille, joe morello, charlie hunter, bob mintzer, dave samuels, don byron, paul mccandless, marshall crenshaw and has performed with zigaboo modeliste, steve smith, mike clark, the paul dresher ensemble, pete seager, arlo guthrie, levon helm, norah jones, moby, bob weir, joe henderson, the berkeley symphony (kent nagano), ricky lee jones, dave garibaldi, larry schneider, nina hagen and peter apfelbaum. dred is currently based in new york city and regularly performs with jay collins, carol lipnik, sasha dobson, the bari koral family band and in addition, produced award winning recording, rock and roll garden,  for the bari koral family band.

    he produced the first recording of country joe and the fish  bassist, bruce barthol, the delcine and fall of everything.  

    composed music for film, home, starring woody allen, liam neeson, mike myers, susan sarandon, al molina, rosie perez, colin quinn and fran leibowitz.

    composed music for choreographers, alan danielson, ,mary lisa burns, maxine steinman, squad and jo kreiter from zaccho.

    worked for choreographers margaret jerkins, joe goode, oberlin dance collective, mark morris and merce cunningham.

    composed music and perfomed in 6 san francisco mime troupe productions.

    performed in film, once more with feeling, with linda fiorentio and chazz palmenteri. 

    produced and played on new carol lipnik recording, M.O.T.H.

    produced and played on new bari koral famil band, recording, anna and the cupcakes.

    dred has also written and played on dozens of commercials.

    Dred Scott Trio (Tuesday) This longtime working band, led by the sly pianist-raconteur Dred Scott, recently released “Going Nowhere” (Ropeadope), a good showcase for its puckish but aggressive take on postbop aerodynamics. The trio’s acclaimed weekly residency here has ended, after a productive six years — but this one-nighter kicks off a new one, the last Tuesday of every month.  nate chinen, NEW YORK TIMES 

    The Dred Scott Trio gives off an intimate, anything-can-happen vibe...sometimes swinging hard and sometimes careening out of control. The feeling of ramshackle spontaneity...is something of a front for sophisticated, multi-segmented piano trio compositions.  Philip Booth, RELIX

    “Pianist Dred Scott uses an irreverent veneer to disguise old-fashioned jazz scholarship, which buttresses his rich, well-rounded intonation and flair for phrasing.”  brit robson  EMUSIC

    “Dred Scott plays the kind of piano that gets you pussy, and not just suburban mom pussy, I am talking chic statuesque broads that know about art, literature and who order off the menu when they go to popular eateries, cause they have it like that.....a sensual and smooth brand of piano that dabbles at hints of darkness.  It conjures up a classic kind of sensibility, of a manhood oft talked about in classic novels but rarely seen in real life.  It is beautiful beyond words.”  tim baker SYFFAL

    "Dred Scott has a highly abusive relationship with his piano. One minute he’s in a furious rage, poking, jamming and slapping the keys around like a coked-up mobster. Then, after cooling down a bit, he’s apologizing with tender ticklings and delicate caresses, trying to convince each key that he’s sorry and he’ll change. But no matter how bad it gets, sooner or later they always come back to each other. Plus, one listen to the fusion of rock, funk and hip-hop-laced jazz that comes out of their union proves that dysfunctional relationships are often the most exciting."                                       curtis cartier,  SANTA CRUZ METRO

     “The hard-swinging group never gets too deep, which might actually be a good thing: Their music has the buoyant groove of gospel and the charming shuffle of the Big Easy on parade.”    NEW YORK MAGAZINE

     "dred scott trio exudes the kind of extroverted swing that made hard bop the indie rock of the late '50s & early '60s."                                                                                                 jon garelick, BOSTON PHOENIX

    "While playing, the pianist sometimes gets antsy and stands up, a la Jerry Lee Lewis. It's a move that reminds just how physical his music can be -- especially a piece like "Mojo Rhythm." Splash is part of this group's persona. This summer at Newport they made groggy morning crowd act midnightish. For the last three years at this downtown venue, they've been making a midnightish crowd act rockish (meaning whoopish). Blending pop, bop, pulse, and clatter, they get to a place that swings on its own terms. And they entertain as well. Prep for the Halloween gig by donning your 'anything goes' psyche." Jim Nacnie,  VILLAGE VOICE

     “A restles trio.  Appeallingly rugged.”      Nate Chinen,  NEW YORK TIMES

     “This disc (Live at Rockwood) demonstrates that Scott's vision of bop is a deeply personal one, which can be either cozily swinging or devilishly tricky.... Pianist Dred Scott and Co. play jazz breezy enough to get your toes tapping, yet eccentric enough to tease your brain."                               TIME OUT NEW YORK

    “[Live at the Rockwood Music Hall] is the Dred Scott Trio’s tribute to one of its most frequent gigs in New  York. In a city where regular engagements are more and more scarce it is a beautiful thing to see the  relationship this band shares with a venue; Live at the Rockwood Music Hall is a beautiful showcase of this dynamic piano trio.  One comes away from this album thinking jazz is still alive and kicking.”       Christopher Shue,  ALL ABOUT JAZZ – NEW YORK

     “Fearless. Wowing late nite crowds for years.           JAZZ TIMES                                                                                                                

     “...reorienting the compass of jazz.”    Derk Richardson, SAN FRANCISCO BAY GUARDIAN 

    “An iconoclastic entertainer in a jazz-trio format with a muscular, unpredictable style and a penchant for covering pop tunes.”                                                                              SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE

    "A certain Satanic allure . . ."                        Dan Tepfer, JAZZMAN (France)

     “Scott is not a fine -- in fact, magnificent -- pianist, he is a fine, magnificent all-around musician.”  Phil Elwood, SAN FRANCISCO EXAMINER

     "...a disciple  of psychedelic subterfuge, couple with post-cool intensity..."

      Victor Haseman, SAN FRANCISCO WEEKLY

    “Scott’s a fast, sometimes pyrotechnic pianist in the Kenny Barron mode, but more playful and stylistically diverse, as adept at ballads as he is barrelling along at full throttle. There’s a fearlessness and a completely out-of-the-box sensibility in his playing and his writing that ultimately goes back to punk rock.”         

    Alan Young,  LUCID CULTURE 

    “Scott builds the tension slowly, zipping along the melody/harmony like a Formula 1 driver.”   Terrell Holmes, AllAboutJazz – New York

    “Jazz. Not a big fan, except when it’s live, alternative, and alcohol-inspired. Dred’s trio hits the mark,  captivating listeners, especially during those late night Tuesdays at the Rockwood.”  Peter Harris, Indie Sounds NY “top 10 of 2005”




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