Mezzrow Classical Salon with David Oei

  • Sunday, March 25th
  • 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM

  • Artists: David Oei (Piano), Eriko Sato (Violin)
  • Prominent classical pianist David Oei is the musical curator for this monthly classical salon featuring top chamber music players for an excellent afternoon of classical music in Mezzrow's music room.

    This concert features - Eriko Sato - violin, Gary Kosloski - violin, Peter Seidenberg - cello, Helene Jeanney - piano, Benita Meshulam - piano, Gerald Robbins - piano, David Oei - piano


    Mozart: Sonata in D major for piano 4-hands KV 381

                               Meshulam, Oei

    Prokofiev: Sonata op.56 for 2 violins

                               Sato, Kosloski

    Tuur: ‘Dedication’ for cello and piano          

                               Seidenberg, Jeanney




    Poulenc: Sonata for cello and piano



                                 Seidenberg, Jeanney

    Brahms: Variations On A Theme By Schumann op. 23 for piano 4-hands

                                 Robbins, Oei

    Mendelssohn: Allegro Brillant op.92 for piano 4-hands


                                       Oei, Jeanney

    $20 music charge.

    Doors open at 4:30 PM.

    Concert runs from 5pm to 7pm with one intermission.

    To advance purchase seats please click on the link below

5 PM

12 reserve seats available

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