Mezzrow Classical Salon with David Oei

  • Sunday, May 20th
  • 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM

  • Artists: David Oei (Piano), Jesse Han (Flute), L. William Kuyper (French Horn), Eriko Sato (Violin), Francesca Sacco (Violin), Amy Kang (Cello)
  • Prominent classical pianist David Oei is the musical curator for this monthly classical salon featuring top chamber music players for an excellent afternoon of classical music in Mezzrow's music room.


    Eriko Sato - violin, Francesca Sacco - violin, Amy Kang - cello

    L. William Kuyper - horn, Jesse Han - flute, David Oei - piano


    Why for horn and piano (James Grant)

    Because for horn and piano (James Grant)


    Six Miniatures for violin and flute (Louis Haber)


    Duet After Winter for two violins (Debra Kaye)


    Trio for horn, violin and piano (Brahms)

    -Allegro con brio




    Music for two violins and piano (Steven Christopher Sacco)

    -Allegro con brio


    Sonata in E minor for cello and piano (Brahms)

    -Allegro non troppo

    -Allegretto quasi menuetto



    $20 music charge.

    Doors open at 4:30 PM.

    Concert runs from 5pm to 7pm with one intermission.

    To advance purchase seats please click on the link below:

5 PM

11 reserve seats available

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